DARPA press release

January 2011


Looking to make vehicles safer without adding unnecessary weight, DARPA keeps its eyes open for revolutionary and promising new armor concepts. Deep Springs Technology’s (DST) new hollow shell material caught DARPA’s eye, which resulted in an invitation to participate in the prestigious DARPA Vehicle Armor Challenge!

Over the next 6 months, DST will be delivering 10 armor panels based on the hollow shell technology to DARPA for testing and evaluation. The DST armor panels feature silicon carbide hollow shells developed by DST embedded in a metal matrix. The strong and lightweight design offers protection for current vehicles, as well as for future land, air, sea, and space platforms.

“Although hollow silicon carbide shells are new to DST, we have much experience fabricating hollow shells of other materials”, states Oliver Strbik, Executive Vice President of DST. “Much of what we have learned from manufacturing glass, metal and other ceramic hollow shells translated directly to fabrication of hollow silicon carbide shells.”

The DARPA Vehicle Armor Challenge identifies promising new armor concepts for military vehicles. “It is a privilege to have our technology considered by DARPA for this challenge. Success with this challenge can lead to additional armor development programs, “says Vicki Kurtz, Managing Partner of DST.

For more information on Deep Springs Technology’s Silicon Carbide hollow shells, or hollow shells made of other material, please contact Oliver Strbik at 419.536.5741 x 120 or Click to Email.

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