armor applications

DST has developed a new composite LSAM (Light-weight Syntactic Armor Material) consisting of small, hollow silicon carbide shells encapsulated by a light-weight metal matrix. This composite material is up to 39% lighter in weight than traditional light-weight aluminum alloy armor plate and has novel energy absorbing properties that solid materials do not exhibit. This composite may be used to supplement existing armor systems and increase its effectiveness by reducing system weight while simultaneously increasing the blast mitigation properties of an armor system.

DST has received funding from several military agencies in support of the promising LSAM research. This broad support demonstrates the vitalness of novel armor to the military, and affirms the potential LSAM is showing as a method of force protection. In December 2010, DST was selected to participate in the DARPA Vehicle Armor Challenge (VAC). This provides benchmark testing for performance in specific armor piercing penetrator and fragmentation simulation projectile ballistic tests. DST plans to continue the work began under the DARPA VAC, further optimizing and improving LSAM’s ability to facilitate impact deflection and blast mitigation.

DST is seeking integration of LSAM into military vehicles that are overburdened with the weight of current armor solutions. LSAM can be layered with other vehicle armor to provide optimal protection for specific ballistic mitigation needs as well as offering a reduction in weight.

Please contact Oliver Strbik for more information.