DST’s small, hollow metal alloy and silicon carbide (SiC) shells can be encapsulated in a lightweight metal matrix composite material. The composite has a high strength to weight ratio, and is a geometrically uniform matrix capable of absorbing large amounts of energy at high strain rates. DST’s composite materials may be used to supplement existing armor to increase effectiveness.


DST’s hollow silicon carbide (SiC) shells are ideal for deep-sea operations. Engineered ceramics are perfect for this application because of its high compressive strength. DST shells are small and are not susceptible to failure due to chain reaction of collapse that plagues ceramics macro-shells.


In addition to the traditional thermal properties of DST shells, the shells exhibit all the classic physical properties associated with advanced ceramics, including electrical insulation, optical benefits, extreme hardness, and resistance to chemical corrosion.


  • HOLLOW SHELLSDST is the world leader in small hollow shell manufacturing. We manufacture high quality shells for industrial, commercial, and military applications. Our shells can be fabricated from various materials such as metal, glass, or ceramics, including silicon carbide (SiC). If needed, our shells can hermetically encapsulate virtually any gas or gas mixture. DST shells are currently being used in armor plating, buoyancy, aerospace, and other applications.

  • SIC SHELLSDST produces high strength low density hollow shells for demanding engineering applications. Shells range in size from 0.5mm to 0.03mm (larger or smaller sizes may be possible). When temperature, weight and strength are critical factors to success of a program DST can answer the need with engineered shells tailored for the programs specific needs.