Key Personnel

key personnel

Victoria W. Kurtz (Managing Partner) directs DST. She has an MBA with a specialization in Decision Sciences and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science Engineering. Vicki has overseen the touch system product line at DST’s parent company IST for the past 10 years. She manages day to day operations of DST and assists with business development at DST.

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Oliver Strbik (Executive Vice President) directs DST’s contracts, products, and plant operations with a focus on the manufacturing process. He is a mechanical engineer (Ohio P.E.) with over 20 years of industrial experience. He has developed several unique processes and equipment for a wide range of industries including dry/wet chemical storage and processing, rubber (mixing, blending, weighing), industrial products, and jewelry. Oliver is currently focused on the fabrication of hollow shells and lightweight syntactic materials for a variety of applications.

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