company history

Deep Springs Technology, LLC (DST) was formed in 2007 as a spin-out from Imaging Systems Technology. DST was formed to develop structural applications for the hollow sphere technology that has been developed by Imaging Systems Technology (IST).

DST is located in the same facility as IST, and occupies 11,500 square feet of the 25,000 square foot manufacturing processing facility. Although separate companies, DST and IST share a close working relationship, and work together to advance the hollow sphere technology research and development going on at both companies.

IST was formed in 1997. Since its founding, IST has been awarded many prestigious awards such an R&D100 and a Tibbets award. IST is a pioneer in the display engineering market. In 1997 IST developed and sold the first touch system for large plasma displays.

IST began developing hollow shells in 2000. The focus of this effort was to develop pixel elements for flexible plasma displays. Over time, the hollow-shell technology has been used in IR shielding, RF detection, IR scene generation, flexible antennas as well as flexible plasma displays. 

IST and DST together have a workforce of 24 individuals who are scientists, chemists, engineers, or technicians.